EXISTENCE AND THE FALL Hamid Parsania Translated & annotated by Shuja Ali Mirza ISBN 1-904063233 This book speaks of the world and heavens from and in which the Fall takes place. By taking into consideration the pivotal role of sin and rebellion against heaven, this work surveys the historical facets of the Fall, tracing its various stages—from the divine heavens to its entry into the mythical realms—until its final station and the appearance of the modern world. The study continues by expounding on the various interpretations of man and the universe in the stages of the Fall and culminates by addressing the plight of contemporary man and the difficulties of the modern anthropological perspective. Hamid Parsania is an Iranian cleric with tens of books and articles to his credit on such subjects as philosophy and mysticism. He is currently the chancellor of the Baqir al-‘Ulum University in Qom.

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ISBN: ISBN 1-904063233

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