Qur’anic Sciences.

QURANIC SCIENCES Abbas Jaffer and Masuma Jaffer ICAS Press: London, 2009 ISBN: 1-904063-30-6 Until now studies of the Qur’anic sciences have either been partial, brief, or sectarian. In the main, such works have more or less inspired the contribution of the great Shi’a scholars to our understanding of the Qur’anic sciences. This book has been written not only to redress this gap but also to present a new and more balanced view of this important topic. The authors have addressed many more issues than are usually found in a book on Qur’anic sciences, some of which have been hitherto unavailable in English. It is hoped that the book will be a useful addition to the material available to undergraduate students who are studying Islam. Abbas Jaffer is a part-time lecturer at the Islamic College and the Hawza of London. He has translated several texts from Arabic and Persian. His areas of interest include Qur’anic studies, theology and Islamic history. Masuma Jaffer is a part-time lecturer at the Hawza of London. She is an author and Muslim chaplain. Her areas of interest include comparative jurisprudence and Islamic ethics. Contents 1. The Qur’anic Sciences. 2. The Qur’an. 3. Revelation (Wahy). 4. The Revelation of the Qur’an. 5. Occasions of Revelation: Asbab al-Nuzul. 6. Verses and Chapters of the Qur’an. 7. Compilation of the Qur’an. 8. The Absence of Distortion (Tahrif) in the Qur’anic Text. 9. Abrogation (Naskh) and the Qur’an. 10. Definite and Indefinite Verses in the Qur’an. Mukhamat and Mutashabihat. 11. The Recital of the Qur’an: Al-Qira’a. 12. The Miracle of the Qur’an. I’jaz al-Qur’an. 13. The Qur’an as a Literary Text. 14. The Qur’an in Translation.

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ISBN: ISBN: 1-904063-30-6

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